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Message from the Principal

 Passaic High School, a school community of 2,700 students, implements instructional practices that foster and support academic excellence.  Collaboration of administrators, teachers, parents, and students ensures for successful outcomes in the areas of academic achievement, assessment of student learning, professional teaching and learning standards, community building, parental involvement, and student self-determination.

  Data-driven instruction to raise the academic performance of our students is always at the forefront of our agenda at PHS.  Whether classes are small or large here, the common denominator that makes for effective classroom experience is our teachers’ implementation of instructional best practices.  They infuse a variety of modalities to address different types of learning, create small learning groups, differentiated instruction, and most importantly, incorporate student centered initiatives which make each student feel important and significant.  When all elements are working successfully, the PHS classroom becomes a magical encounter for the teacher and the students.

  Freshman students enter high school here as part of the Freshman Academy while upperclassmen develop a career-based curriculum for their future.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are enrolled in one of three academies focusing on a path to their post-secondary education and career.  These academies include Arts & Humanities, Business and Technology, or Math & Science.

Acknowledgement of successful student achievement, celebrating positive instruction and the development of community events, along with a partnership with parent, are all elements that ultimately enhance our school’s mission--“Stronger instructional leadership, stronger teaching, stronger results in every classroom, every day, for every student!”  

  As principal, my pledge to the Passaic High School Community is to provide resources and school-wide systems that will assist all in developing their skills and maximizing their potential, as well as to create a learning environment that engages and stimulates our students’ curiosity for learning.  Working with our students allows our educators to teach and create outside of the box.  As we all change lives each day, we realize the importance of what we are doing and how we are impacting upon the future of Passaic High School students. 

--Principal Tobias Weissman