Mrs. Maureen Kroog
 English Language Arts/Literacy
 Supervisor Pre-K - 3

 Mrs. Karen Feldkamp
 English Language Arts/Literacy 
Supervisor Grades 4 - 8

 Mrs. Lisa C. Rowbotham
 English Language Arts/Literacy
 Supervisor Grades 9 - 12

 Mrs. Jenny Gallo
 English Language Arts/Literacy 
 Administrative Assistant


 Language Arts/Literacy OfficeFax Number 973-591-1881


The Language Arts Literacy Department of the Passaic Public School District is committed to the pursuit of excellence for all, inclusive of ELL and Special Needs students.  The Language Arts Literacy Department embraces scientifically based reading and writing research practices in a comprehensive integrated model.  We seek to build a literate community of lifelong readers and writers who will become contributing members of a global society.



Language Arts/Literacy Department seeks to ensure an instructional framework where:

· High expectations and rigor are encouraged while recognizing students’ unique abilities and needs.

 · There exists a shared responsibility of integration of literacy across the content areas.

 · Growth is promoted in reading comprehension and fluency.  Students read and analyze a variety of genres including fiction and informational texts.

 · The use of continuous formative and summative assessment and analysis of data drives instruction.

 · Differentiated instruction is utilized in an extended uninterrupted block of time based on the three tier model of instruction focusing on direct, small group, and intervention component.

 · Students are prepared through the use of the Writers’ Workshop model to write for a variety of purposes across genres.

 · Literacy instruction maintains and progressively increases rigor and complexity of texts and assigned tasks to help students become critical and analytical thinkers.

 · Conventions of language are incorporated strategically as a component of writing craft.

 · Integration of technology and digital media enhances students’ ability to research and compete in higher education and the work force.

 · Teachers’ knowledge of language/literacy content and pedagogy is continually enhanced through professional development.