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SchoolCenter Picture3rd Grade Class Info….

Every night we will have Homework (ex. Math, Spelling, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies) that must be completed that night. Missing assignments will result in a 0 and will eventually lower your grade. 

All homework Planners must be signed every night by a parent.

• Every Friday we will have a Reading and Spelling Test unless otherwise notified. Your Spelling Tests will consist of Weekly Words.

• Every Tuesday and Friday we will have Physical Education with Mr. Hagen.  In order to participate in the class you must wear sneakers.

• Workbooks were sent home to be covered. 

• Uniforms must be worn daily.  Refer to the student handbook for proper dress code.

• Birthday celebrations are always welcome... please keep them simple. It is difficult to serve cake... cookies, brownies, or cupcakes are best.  We are a peanut free classroom.

• Please arrive on time!  We must enter the building at 8:25am especially since the breakfast program is now held in the classroom.

• We will dismiss at 3:05pm by the Pre-K doors.

• Tests papers will be sent home in a folder.  They must come back the following day with a parent’s signature on each test.

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The name of our first module is….. 

Sun, Moon, and Stars 

  By the end of this marking period students will be able to identify constellations, explain what makes a shadow, and list the phases of the moon.

Spend time with your child observing, recording, and analyzing the night sky.

Words to Know……




New moon



Cardinal directions



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Launching Writer’s Workshop!

The genre for the first marking period is……

Personal Narrative

Students will write a true story from their life written in first person voice.  They will develop an understanding of the 5 Steps in the Writing Process.

Students Rules for Writer’s Workshop (Passaic District Mandate)

1. Students have free choice of writing topics, but topic must be within the unit’s genre.

2. All sketching and writing should be done in pencil.

3. Inventive spelling is accepted and strongly encouraged.

4. Word Wall words should be spelled correctly.

5. Crossing out instead of erasing is encouraged.

6. When students are writing independently, teachers are conferencing 1‐on‐1 or in small groups.

7. At the completion of each unit, the class will have an author celebration.

8. At the end of each unit, place published piece with rubric in Writing Portfolio (Evidence of Five Step Process MUST be shown. Published pieces do not need to be rewritten.)

9. Each student will begin the new unit with an empty folder.

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One 5-Subject Notebook

Two Folders




Pencil Case

One Pack of Loose Leaf Paper

Box of Tissues