Passaic Board of Education
BID List
To request a BID please Email Ms. Arce at
Bid # Bid Description Bid Date Bid Time
07-16Frozen Foods5/6/201510:30am
CC01-16Occupational & Physical Therapy & Evaluation Services5/13/201510:00am
CC02-16Speech Therapy and Evaluation Services (As Needed)5/13/201511:00am
CC03-16Bathroom Renovations
Ulysses S. Grant School #7 
CC04-16Administration of Educational Academic Support for Non-Public School Services (IDEA-B Grant Funds)5/13/2015


10-16                       Custodial Supplies & Equipment                                      5/15/201510:00am
11-16     Plastic Trash Can Liners5/15/201511:00am
12-16                                 Chemical Supplies                                 5/15/201511:30am
CC06-16Innovative Technology Math Based Program      5/27/20151:00pm
CC07-16Services for Non-Public Students Title I (NCLB) & Chapter 192/1935/27/20151:30m
08-16                    Solid Waste Removal Re-Bid                                           5/12/201510:00am
09-16Breakfast Goods, Cereal, Unitiezed Breakfast, & Lunch Breaks5/12/201511:00am
CC08-16Applied Behavior Services (As Needed)            5/29/201510:00am
14-16Plumbing Supplies5/19/201511:00am
15-16Environmental Consulting                                 5/19/201511:30am
 13-16Groceries and Canned Goods  5/15/2015 2:00pm
16-16Translation/Interpretation Services                   5/21/2015  10:00am